About Us

We are air quality-, climate change, and environmental noise specialists, committed to providing specialist environmental consulting services of the highest quality to fulfil regulatory and project requirements.

Professional Affiliations

Our Story

Established in 2003, Airshed has grown into a company with extensive expertise and experience in all aspects of air pollution, climate change, and noise impact assessment and management. Airshed remains at the forefront of air quality, climate change and noise science, encouraging and facilitating further study and skills development among our staff and through our association with universities and research organisations.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most innovative and responsible consultancy, providing scientific, engineering and strategic risk assessment, management services and policy support to address the complex air pollution-, climate change- and environmental noise problems that challenge regulatory agencies, business and affected communities.

In order to achieve this, we:

  • adhere to the highest ethical standards;
  • apply the highest level of objective, scientific and regulatory analyses;
  • in collaboration with the client, share information developed and gained from experience to meet the client’s deliverables;
  • continuously consult and apply the latest scientific and regulatory developments in the field;
  • are transparent in management of uncertainties;
  • continually marshal existing skills and develop innovative tools in order to expand our capabilities and to adapt to our client’s needs.

Our Mission

Airshed is committed to being dynamic and efficient, whilst aiming to strike the proper balance between the interests and goals of our clients, our employees, and the wider community. Whilst acting independently, our priority is towards understanding the client’s requirements to ensure timely response to concerns, allowing the completion of assignments on schedule through effective application of all necessary resources.

"We Provide Innovative Solutions to Local Situations, Based on Sound Scientific and Analytical Principles"