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Although air pollution has been a concern to society since the invention of fire, the quantification of its impacts and the management thereof is still a relatively young field, particularly in South Africa. The country faces the considerable challenge of managing air quality within the context of sustainable development, having to meet strict international norms whilst still enabling economic growth.

Increased emphasis on quantifying and managing air pollution impacts in not only South Africa, but also the rest of Africa, require our specialists to develop increasingly innovative solutions, specifically addressing the local situation, which are based on sound scientific and analytic principles.

Harmful and sometimes odorous emissions from mines, industries, traffic, residential fuel burning, landfills, wastewater treatment works and natural sources such as wild fires are all easily modelled with the right tools and 

 interpretation. Airshed Planning Professionals are experts in air quality impact assessments, boundary layer meteorology and air pollution control technologies. Airshed has extensive data, literature and software resources built up over its consulting years since 1990. Assessments are based on internationally recognised techniques.

In addition to being competent in the selection and application of various widely used models developed abroad, Airshed has developed tailored software for data assimilation, stack plume dispersion, and meteorological predictions. Airshed is viewed as one of the top specialist in South African for air quality assessment and air quality management planning.

Airshed has over the years also branched out into the field of environmental noise monitoring and impact assessments based on internationally recognised noise quantification techniques and propagation model.

"We Render Specialist Consulting Services Across the World"