Hanlie Liebenberg-Enslin

Managing Director

PhD (University of Johannesburg)

After earning her master’s degree in science from the University of Johannesburg (formerly RAU) in Geography and Environmental Management. Hanlie Liebenberg-Enslin began her professional career in air quality management in 2000 when she joined Environmental Management Services (EMS). The same department at the University of Johannesburg awarded her a PhD in June 2014 with a focus on aeolian dust transport. She is one of the founding members of Airshed Planning Professionals and served as a director of the organization until May 2013, when she assumed the role of managing director.

She has worked across Africa and has considerable experience in the many aspects of air quality management, including impact- and health risk screening assessments, dispersion modelling simulations, and emissions quantification for a variety of source types. Hanlie has been involved in a few United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) projects and served as the project manager on numerous innovative air quality management plan (AQMP) developments. She also participates actively in the National Association for Clean Air (NACA) and the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention and Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA). She served as an external examiner for various MSc and PhD dissertations and provided training at air quality management courses.

Outside of work, Hanlie enjoys spending time with her three rescue dogs – Jakkals, Zena and Ciska, and her difficult mare Talica. She dabbles in painting, loves listening to music, enjoys good food and wine, but is most at home in the wide-open spaces of Namibia and the Karoo.